Teachers Training Program

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1 - Year

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Pearson | Edexcel

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Online & Offline

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Dubai | Sharjah | Ajman | RAK

DET – Diploma in Education and Training

Teaching practice is an integral part of the teacher training programmes through which trainee teachers are required to demonstrate:

  • Their understanding of the principles of teaching and learning,
  • Their ability to plan, prepare and deliver lessons
  • Their creative ability to develop inclusive learning resources to meet learners’ needs
  • Their ability to assess learners and to create assessment opportunities that meet learners’ needs.

For trainee teachers to evidence 100 hours of teaching practice as a requirement of the teacher training courses during which they will be observed for a minimum of eight hours over a minimum of eight occasions, they need to be on teaching placements in Further and Higher Education Colleges or institutions of learning.

The CENTRE provides a platform for information, advice, guidance and support for our students in relation to securing suitable teaching placements starting from the College itself (QAA Quality Code section B3 indicator 3 and section C indicator 5).

The CENTRE shall arrange internal teaching placements for a considerable number of students across the College’s provision.


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